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Who is Omni? An LA native and veteran underground MC. A wordsmith exploring themes both personal and universal, of suffering and bliss, of failure and triumph. A man with a message about the power of love and unity to defeat hate, division, and corruption. A musical omnivore with a pair of wide-open ears and an insatiable appetite for sonic possibility. A genre agnostic finding inspiration and kindred spirits in chameleonic visionary Bjork, art-rock heroes Radiohead, and trip-hop pioneers Portishead and Massive Attack, whose former band member and legend in his own right Tricky he would record an entire album with. A true songwriter who follows his muse wherever it takes him, outside the confines of conventional hip hop into realms of dub, dancehall, drum and bass, indie rock, orchestral R&B, and beyond. An artist who weaves rhymes and sounds into a tapestry of images and stories worthy of a Scorcese film. The music of IamOMNI has been featured in the trailer for Apple Arcade’s “Grindstone”, The Kevin Smith pilot “Hollyweed”, and the metaphysical teen romance film adaption of the New York Times bestseller “Every Day”.

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